Office Buildings
  • Our typical office building conversion achieves an IRR of 60%.
  • We see a drastic increase in employee satisfaction and mood. Dismal florescent lighting, is replaced with a higher lumen of light that uses less energy. This LED light offers results similar to the vitamin D effect humans receive from direct sun.
Multi Family Properties
  • Our typical apartment building conversion achieves a 60% IRR.
  • If tenants pay electricity, we typically suggest only converting common areas.
  • Our LED technology highlights your property in clearer and more aesthetic light.
Shopping Centers
  • We typically achieve an IRR of 70% to over 100%.
  • Parking lots should be converted as this offers the highest rate of energy savings.
  • Interior lights also are great candidates for conversion.
Warehouse / Industrial
  • We have experience working with buildings of 10,000 SF to over 500,000 SF.
  • Our typical warehouse conversion achieves an IRR of over 50%. Depending on how many shifts you run, we can increase these savings drastically.
  • Decrease your liability and downtime from having to change old lights.
  • Restaurants are a competitive business with low margins and energy efficiency is important.
  • We have vast experience in both the franchise model as well as stand alone businesses.
  • A typical fast food restaurant saves between $2,000 to $10,000 per year.
  • Our typical IRR on a restaurant conversion is over 50%.
  • Guest experience is primary at any quality hotel, and we understand how to help you select the right lights.
  • Investment in energy efficiency drops directly to your bottom line.
  • We are able to make zero capital outlay improvements to your hotel.
Medical Facilities
  • This segment is one of the highest return on investments we see, typically over 100%.
  • Since lights are on constantly at these facilities, energy savings are increased.
Parking Lots
  • Parking lot lights use a lot of energy, and the savings by converting to LED are drastic.
  • We typically see IRR’s of over 100% on the parking lots we convert to LED.