In the early 2000’s, Judd Stensrud spent half a decade living and working in Costa Rica with a real estate private equity firm. With an undergraduate degree from Duke University in economics and an MBA from the University of Chicago, it wasn’t until he got to Costa Rica that he began to truly grasp how important costs are within a vast portfolio of income producing real estate and how to efficiently operate these assets. He learned that if one took every opportunity to eliminate extraneous costs in the portfolio, he could create value where other firms were missing out. Using these tools later in his career, Judd helped renegotiate a half billion dollar loan with The Bank of China, was the lead asset manager for The Plaza Hotel in New York and led a process where Bill Gates and the Four Seasons Hotels invested over $300 million into a project that was his brainchild. Recognizing the typical reasons that investors miss out on maximizing their profits led him to found Lumen Global. “In all my years managing and consulting for incredibly large and diverse deals, I never once saw a consistently better return on investment that what Lumen Global can offer. Most of our deals have returns of 50 – 100%, have a real, quantifiable environment impact and a simple process. That is why our focus at Lumen Global is empowering owners of commercial real estate to make intelligent decisions with regards to energy efficiency. I hope you will choose to work with my team”.

Judd Stensrud, President

Judd Stensrud founded Lumen Global after working over 15 years in Real Estate Private Equity, followed by experience in the Asset Management Division of Jones Lang LaSalle, and ultimately as the head of a large real estate consulting division of Ernst & Young. These years of experience taught him that owners of commercial real estate often don’t capture the full energy savings potential of their properties. This is primarily due to property owners being unaware of what is available, as well as the typical difference of priorities between the property manager’s day to day operations and the owner’s long term strategic vision. That is why the purpose of Lumen Global is to “empower owners of commercial real estate to make intelligent decisions with regards to energy efficiency”. Lumen Global not only identifies the available energy savings, but then helps bridge the gap between ownership and property management to get it done.

Holli Volkert, Director of Operations

Holli Volkert became skilled at how to make ideas happen after working in the special events industry for over 25 years. She has a keen eye for design and sees lighting as an important ingredient of enhancing architecture, working space and products. She also feels proper lighting can affect one’s mood and wellbeing in positive way, leaving employees rejuvenated and refreshed. “Being a part of Lumen Global has shifted my thought processes from contributing to the guest experience through the art of design to contributing to the employee experience through the art of energy efficiency.”