Our Process

We offer comprehensive energy efficiency solutions with an approach tailored to our partners’ specific needs. At our disposal is a full suite of
power reduction measures. To determine what best benefits your operations we:

Conduct a comprehensive, no-cost energy audit to find out where your organization is spending money on power and how Lumen Global can best help.

Present our findings and make recommendations drawn from our complete arsenal of energy-reducing solutions, including

  • LED conversion
  • Optimization of compressed air, extraction systems
  • HVAC controls
  • Solar
  • Circuit monitoring
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Energy negotiation
  • Correct facility shut-down process management
  • Eradication of unnecessary electricity consumers (space heaters, motors, etc.)
Lumen Global is focused on providing our clients with all energy efficient solutions that reduce their carbon footprints.

Our flagship product in this space is LED conversion. About half of all US electric is powered by burning coal, and the reduced wattage of LED bulbs translates into significant reductions in MTCO2e, or metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Carbon footprint analysis

Many of our clients are completing carbon footprint analysis to find out how they can improve on environmental metrics and reduce costs. We use utility company estimates and the EPA calculator to complete these analyses for our clients and as our team is experienced in ESG quantitative analysis. We partner with clients to quantify their environmental MTCO2e.

Carbon footprint analysis

Lumen Global is a comprehensive energy efficiency expert that will partner on analysis and diligence on emerging areas of wind and solar power. We are committed to reducing energy spending wherever solutions are found, and these areas offer solutions in certain client cases.