Our Ongoing Energy Monitoring System

Many of our clients opt for ongoing monitoring (our proprietary “LumenSmart” system) of their energy consumption because we typically find additional ways to save energy. We monitor consumption on an ongoing basis and then have the data to see how we can continue to decrease usage and spending.

For our clients who choose LumenSmart™, we are also able to offer complete LED retrofits at zero cost. We pay for all the material and labor, and split the financial savings with you over a 7 to 10 year period. Imagine, you will have no cost, immediately see your expenses decrease and have the further benefit of having your energy consumption monitored. The data we get will help us advise you on how to bring additional savings to your business.

The top three reasons to use LumenSmart™, our energy monitoring service:

  1. There is no out of pocket cost. We pay for all installation and materials needed to get you up and running.
  2. To know how to cut energy costs over time, you need to understand where you are using it. Data is power.
  3. We are able to detect energy increases over time and help to slow or stop them.


How It Works:

  • Our engineers run an analysis of your facility to see the main electricity consuming areas.
  • Small sensors are then attached to the wires that feed in to your facility.
  • We monitor usage to get a baseline electrical consumption number.
  • Data is transmitted every 10 seconds to a cloud based software system.
  • We analyze this data to drive equipment efficiencies and lower electricity consumption.
  • You have no up front costs and can see savings of 20-70%, depending on what strategies we recommend.