Private equity-backed industrial printing company
  • Energy usage audit determined significant losses attributable to inefficient lightbulbs, poor lightbulb placement, compressed air system leakage, suboptimal operational procedures.
  • Findings and savings plan presented to Senior management; approval for implementation secured and completed in USA and UK.
  • USD 1.3 million added to EBITDA.
  • Between USD 16.4 and USD 22.6 million added to enterprise value of the business (assuming 12.6x to 17.3x EV/EBITDA multiple range).
A Major National Restaurant Franchise
  • We worked with an owner of a Major National Restaurant Franchise to convert the kitchen areas and parking lots to LED.
  • The owner achieved an IRR of 105%
  • The owner achieved a projected savings of $273,877 Per lifetime
  • Employee satisfaction and store presentation improved dramatically
240,000 square foot Warehouse Conversion
  • We worked with the owner of a 240,000 square foot warehouse to achieve
    • Savings of over $600,000 Per lifetime
    • A project Internal Rate of Return of 70%
    • A safer work environment due to improved lighting